Using an Integrated Test Cup

Why Use an Integrated Test Cup?

A drug test cup was invented to provide and integrated testing method that would reduce contact with the urine specimen and decrease testing time with less mess and fewer components to handle. A drug test cup is simply a test kit in a urine collection cup that initiates the test procedure upon contact with the urine specimen. Our drug test cup comes with built in controls that lets you know if the drug test cup is functional. Adulterant testing is available and a built in feature on our drug test cup, conveniently located in the test result box so that you can read drug and adulterant negative or positive readings which makes it a snap to record your results.

Using a drug test cup gives you a fast and wonderfully convenient method to perform a not so desirable task.

Urine test cup drug tests has been the most popular method of drug testing every since the first brand came out on the market back in the late 1990’s. The trend of urine drug test cups has held firm and new brands are constantly emerging as it’s popularity continues to increase mainly due to the ultimate convenience that a urine test cup brings to the table.
Urine is defined as “The waste products filtered from the blood and combined with excess water by the kidneys”.  Urine is made by the kidneys, stored in the bladder, and leaves the body through the urethra. Urine has a long, rich history as a source for measuring health and well-being and remains an important tool for clinical diagnosis.

The problem with urine: urine, since it is a fluid that contains waste from the blood urine poses as a certain bio-hazard problem and many prefer testing methods that help to minimize exposure to the urine specimen, especially during transport, the urine specimen should be placed in a bio-hazard bag before shipping.

Drug test cups available on this website are fully integrated with test cards built in to the cup with sealed screw on lids or Hinged – Snap On lids that are guaranteed not to leak. This fully integrated design of our urine test cup eliminates the handling of the urine. More and more companies, corporations, third party administrators, testing facilities are laying their dip cards and pipette cassettes down and are changing their testing method for the simplicity, safety, and effectiveness of a urine drug test cup.

How Does It Work? The donor provides the urine specimen and brings the test cup back to the administrator with lid on. When the administrator receives the test cup, he or she places a seal over the top of the cup. If the cup gives a non negative result, the cup is placed into a bio-hazard bag, and is then shipped to a lab for confirmation of results.

Built In Adulteration: There is a host of products available on the market that were manufactured to beat urine drug tests and have proven to be somewhat a problem. Theses products are affordable and easily accessible on hundreds of websites advertising in search engines using keywords like “detox products”and “pass a drug test”. Keep in mind, our urine test cup comes with 3 level and six level adulteration strips built in to the test cup it self. So, not only are you testing for drugs of abuse but adulterants like pH, Nitrates and Oxidants that can cause a test to render a UN-true negative result.