AlcoCheck® is a disposable single use breath alcohol detector that provides accurate and reliable measurement of breath alcohol contents. Its low cost and ease of use make the AlcoCheck® testers ideal screening tools which qualifies an individual for submission to a forensic-quality evidential testing.


By measuring the alcohol content in the breath, a reliable indication of the blood alcohol level is achieved. The AlcoCheck detector employs a new, patented technology for simple, on-the-spot screening for the presence of blood alcohol. The AlcoCheck tester can be used once and then disposed of, minimizing contamination associated with repeated use of non-disposable units (no AIDS cross transmission). Its low cost and ease of use make the AlcoCheck tester ideal for screening to determine whether an individual should submit to a forensic-quality blood test for confirmation. Numerous independent laboratory tests have established the reliability of the AlcoCheck tester. Without exception, they have found the AlcoCheck tester to have a high degree of accuracy and reliability. Examples of those who conducted tests on AlcoCheck include – The U.S. Department of Transportation – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA) -The Colorado Department of Health -The Denver Police Department. NOTE THIS PRODUCT IS NOT FDA CLEARED.

How to read the color changes

The crystals in the .02% tester will become an aqua(bluish green/greenish blue) color at an alcohol level of .02% or greater. The .02% tester is designed to report the lowest level of alcohol, and therefore does not report intermediate levels.

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