iScreen OFD

The iScreen OFD 5 and 6 panel oral fluid drug test device uses the simplicity of a one piece-one step oral drug test kit that provides fast accurate results. iScreen Oral fluid drug kits are less invasive and cannot be adulterated by the donor. iScreen OFD does not require special training but a training CD can be requested to assist your staff on how to correctly perform the test and provide you with any information needed. The iScreen oral fluid 5 an 6 panel drug test, is a non-invasive method for the detection of multiple drugs in oral fluid. Be aware that oral drug tests have a shorter detection time period than urine drug tests and will point to recent drug usage as in 24 -48 hours instead of days up to 1-2 weeks. Record drug test results in just 10 minutes. iScreen oral drug kits can be used on-site anytime, anywhere.

Test Features:

  • Integrated Testing Solution
  • A mouth And Gum Swab With Built-In Test
  • Photocopy Template For Recording Result
  • Easy To Read Results
  • Confirmation Ready
  • Simple Procedure
  • 1 Year Shelf LifeĀ 
  • Brands You Can Trust
Detecting drug use with an iScreen oral Fluid drug test is a clean and easy drug screening technique. Oral Fluid can be collected easily while the donor is under observation, which makes it harder for the donor to tamper with the results. Oral fluid test collection is much less invasive and embarrassing than urine drug testing.

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