Rapid Detect Dip Drug Test

The Rapid Detect Dip Drug Test is FDA 510(k) cleared and delivers superior accuracy with ease of use. This 100% U.S.-made product is available in multiple drug configurations for maximum testing flexibility. The flood-proof label helps maintain the integrity of the test. In the event a device is submerged or dropped in a specimen, the airtight seal of the adhesive label on the device prevents flooding of the test strips.


  • Accurate results in 5 minutes
  • Easy to read
  • Simple procedure
  • 18-month shelf life
  • No urine to pipette
  • No instrumentation



Our product is ideal for pre-employment, random , reasonable cause, corrections, hospital and clinical testing. A rapid drug test will save your company dollars and time by using disposable rapid tests that will display results in 5 minutes. The Rapid Detect dip drug test is a urine drug test that is perfect for Pre-employment drug testing. Get people to work faster with a rapid drug screen test. Approve Job candidates eligible for employment faster with a rapid urine drug test. This pre-employment drug test is quick, easy, accurate and affordable for testing past, present, and future employees.