Rapid Detect SDS – Saliva Drug Screen

The Rapid Detect SDS (Saliva Drug Screen) oral drug test includes the first sponge saturation indicator on the market. No more throwing away oral drug tests due to inadequate specimen in the saliva drug screen. The indicator strip in the collection swab changes color once the sponge contains enough saliva. The swab locks into the device for a tamper evident and airtight seal.

  • 100% tamper evident saliva drug test with sample held in airtight chamber for confirmation
  • Advanced oral fluid collection media (sponge)
    • Sponge reduces viscosity for faster-running tests and more uniform results
    • Highest recovery of THC (marijuana);
    • No ascorbic acid – No additives
  • One drug per strip for superior accuracy
  • Extraction ports for lab confirmation
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Crystal-clear container with magnification of the results window

Oral Fluid Collector (Sponge)

Studies have proven:

  • Highest rate of recovery of drugs without the use of buffer
  • Highest, most consistent rate of absorption
  • Reduces viscosity of saliva for faster, more consistent results

Sponge Saturation Indicator

Typical time-determined collection methods are often ineffective when donors are smokers or users of certain prescription drugs, which can cause severe dry mouth. Rapid Detect saliva drug screen’s sponge saturation indicator activates when sufficient sample has been collected.

  • Reduce the cost of wasted devices due to insufficient sample common with other oral drug tests
  • Collectors invest only the time necessary to gather the sample and not a minute more