Instant K2 Test

Since 2004 herbal mixtures such as spice are sold in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and other European countries, mainly via internet shops. Although declared as incense, they are smoked as ‘bio-drugs’ by the consumers. In corresponding blogs: drug users reported cannabis-like effects after smoking. These products enjoy great popularity particularly among younger people, as up to now the mixtures are sold in head shops and via the internet in many countries without age restriction.
  • Results in less than 10 Mintues
  • Easy-to-use and esy-to-read
  • Detects JWH-073 & JWH-018
  • Detection time period of about 72 hours
K2 is also known as:
  • Spice
  • Black Mamba
  • Red X Dawn
  • Spice Gold
  • Yucatan Fire

JWH-018 was developed and evaluated in basic scientific research to study structure activity relationships related the the cannabinoid receptors. JWH-073 has been identified in numerous herbal products such as “spice”, “K2″, “k3″,and others.These products are normally be smoked for their psychoactive effects.Our K2 Dip Test yields a positive result when K2 Synthetic cannabinoid in urine exceeds 75 ng/ml.Rapid Detect is excited to offer the K2 dip test for “Spice” as one of the first screens for synthetic marijuana on the market. The one step Rapid K2 drug Test is currently available in a single dip card format for greater flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Accurate state of the art urinalysis drug screen detects two major metabolites found in various synthetic cannabinoid products. With this instant and accurate technology, anyone can detect this abusive drug that has become a nationwide epidemic. This test can also be found under the following: k2 synthetic-marijuana test, k2 dip test, k2 dip card, k2 test strip, k2 urine test, synthetic-marijuana test,k2 spice test,k2 drug test, k2 cannabinoids test.
This one step accurate synthetic marijuana test is a lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of a single drug and it’s metabolites in human urine at the following cut-off concentration:
Test Calibrator Cut-off
K2 Synthetic Marijuana JWH-073 / JWH-018 75g/ml